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Texas Blues Museum

Celebrate a truly American music style at the Texas Blues Museum. Whether you want to learn where Robert Johnson recorded his first album and other blues history, or catch a show in our performance venue, we provide a comprehensive introduction to a nalive art form.

The Birth of the Blues & Beyond
Currently under construction, our museum follows the rise of the genre that, like gospel, went on to inspire many modem music genres, we plan to present the history of the music and its performers.
Many Texas musicians also went on to become pioneers in the world of Delta and Chicago blues.
Youth Mentoring Program
In addition to our numerous exhibits, TBM has established a program that focuses on educating inner-city youth in poverty-stricken areas around the region.
With a range of scholarships, these youth can spend time at the facility to learn about the music industry, offering them a chance to learn about management, agents, accounting, recording, stage setup, and more. In addition, an afterschool program of instrumental instruction is in the works.
Fundraising & Revenue
With a host of creative fund raising campaigns in the works, our gift shop provides an additional source of revenue. Guests can choose from a variety of TBM logo products and other licensed merchandise, CDs, and digital downloads recorded live at our venue, as well as an online store on our company Website. Museum-and- Youth-Mentoring-Program- History... 12/12/2012

Leam more about the mission that guides the dedicated team of musicians and industry executives behind the Texas Blues Museum in Dallas, Texas.
Preserving the Past, Forging the Future
From Leadbelly to Stevie Ray Vaughan, our state has produced some of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.
As a form of roots music, Texas blues serves as the starting point for much of today's rock, R&B, bluegrass, and country.
With a visit to our museum, current and future generations of music lovers will discover the fascinating contributions of the genre to our culture.
Enriching Lives through Music
Dedicated to the history of blues musicians and music from Texas, we also have several exhibits planned to highlight notable music figures from elsewhere in America, as well as the rest of the world. Visitors to our high-tech, interactive museum can enjoy a variety of permanent and rotating holographic and 3D exhibits.
In addition, with a host of authentic memorabilia, free educational tours, and weekly lunches for students in grades K through 12, the museum provides enormous educational opportunities for Texas youth.
Talent on & off the Stage
After performing at our intimate venue and receiving our expert care, artists will be eager to retum to the museum to perform. With access to the best acts in the Metroplex, great seating and amenities, comfortable VIP area, and exclusive VIP room overlooking the stage, our facility will consistently draw even the most wealthy celebrity guests.
Drawing on the expertise of key figures in the entertainment, music, and restaurant industries, our executive team provides a solid foundation for our project.

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